LAPD Parker Center Cop Shop Files: John Doe No. 52 DR 73 478 242


In case you just tuned in, I was given a box of material that was cleaned out of the old press room — the “Cop Shop” — when Parker Center was closed.

Today we have an artist’s sketch of John Doe No. 52, a homicide victim described as a white male, age 17 to 20, about 5 foot 4, 130 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

I have no further information about this case. Judging by the DR number, I would assume it occurred in 1973.

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4 Responses to LAPD Parker Center Cop Shop Files: John Doe No. 52 DR 73 478 242

  1. John Doe #52 (from 1973) was a victim of serial killer Randy Kraft. Although he isn’t in NamUs or the Doe Network, I believe he is still unidentified (I don’t know why he isn’t included). Thanks you so much for including the sketch and his vital statistics, hopefully someday he will be identified. More information about him —


  2. Justin says:

    Although there are differences in height and DR#, I’m fairly certain that this is him.

    I have to say, there was a LOT of information left out about “John Doe 52” on the official sites. They make it sound like he was located intact. It was pretty gruesome. His torso was found at Alameda Street and Henry Ford Avenue in Wilmington. His right leg was found on the Terminal Island Freeway at Anaheim Street in Wilmington. His arms were found on the Terminal Island Freeway in Long Beach. His head was found in a paper bag behind an Alpha Beta supermarket at 7th Street and Redondo Avenue in Long Beach. His left leg was found behind Broom Hilda’s, the bar where Kraft worked in Sunset Beach. Cause of death was strangulation and the victim had been emasculated. His eyelids were cut off while he was alive.

    I can’t understand why Randy Kraft hasn’t been executed, even with all the appeals that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lavishes on their death row inmates.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Well, yes and not exactly. Your case 73-02574 was found Feb. 6, 1973. But your description is correct. The dismembered remains of John Doe 52 were found starting April 22, 1973. See the Long Beach Press-Telegram for April 23, 1973, Page 2. “Hacked Body Found in 3 Plastic Bags”


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