GOP Picks Dewey in Race for President; California Gov. Warren Rejects Draft Movement


June 29, 1944, Dewey and Bricker Nominated


June 29, 1944

I need to do a little catching up on national politics, with the Republican National Convention, which was held in Chicago. Of course, the convention was covered by Times political editor Kyle Palmer and as usual, the man who helped create Richard Nixon made no pretense of being impartial.

California Gov. Earl Warren delivered the keynote address, but stunned the Republicans when he declined to join the ticket as vice presidential candidate. In rebuffing the “draft Warren” movement, he explained: “I would be happy to accept your offer if I were a free agent. However, I have made certain commitments and assumed certain obligations to the people of my state which are not yet fulfilled.”

Warren also said: “I have to refuse because I must live with my own conscience.”

As a staunchly Republican paper, The Times endorsed Dewey, who lost to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  On Nov. 8, 1944, Dewey conceded when he was trailing Roosevelt 12,165,763 to 14,411,965 in the popular vote and 136 electoral votes against Roosevelt’s 395.

Notice that Times Managing Editor L.D. Hotchkiss attended the convention and filed a story.

June 29, 1944, Dewey and Bricker

June 29, 1944, Dewey

June 29, 1944, Republican Convention

June 29, 1944, Repuoblican Convention

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