‘Laura’ — Coming on TCM


I cut the cord to TCM a few months ago, partly to economize and partly because it repeats a lot of movies for having such a large archive. (What? “Torchy Runs for Mayor” Again??) I haven’t been paying much attention to its schedule, but I noticed that “Laura” is airing June 1 and thought that because I’m focusing on the making of the film, readers who haven’t seen it in a long time (or have never seen it) might want to take a look.

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5 Responses to ‘Laura’ — Coming on TCM

  1. Anthony says:

    We are wondering if there is a back story about David Raksin who wrote the haunting tune “Laura”?


  2. cathsparks says:

    Welcome to the cord-cutter’s club, Mr. Harnisch! Hubs & I cut the cord 5 years ago, & have been very happy w/ the variety of viewing choices we’ve found, at a fraction of the cost of cable. There’s an abundance of noir available, & we’ve been working our way through it, on our own schedule, rather than some distant programmer’s. 🙂


    • lmharnisch says:

      It was mostly an economic decision, although I had to say that after several years of TCM, I noticed they repeat an awful lot instead of digging into the archives for fresh material.


      • cathsparks says:

        Us, too. We use a Roku to watch YouTube, Netflix, Archive, PLEX, Warner Instant, Hulu, Redbox, & Amazon Prime, w/ a monthly price-tag of about 20 bucks. Cable was over $1,000/ a year. Keeping TCM wasn’t worth that, & there’s something to be said for crafting one’s own “channels” of non-reality, non-junk content. It’s lovely to just enjoy the cream of the crop, rather than having to sift through swill. You won’t miss cable, though I am tempted to binge-watch TCM, whenever we’re at a hotel!


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