LAPD Parker Center Cop Shop Files: Jane Doe, Sept. 5, 1973



Note: Last year I was given a box of news releases, photographs and random pieces of paper from the old press room at Parker Center. I’m gradually posting the material.

These are the earrings and the label from a pair of pants worn by a teenage girl whose body was found Sept. 5, 1973, in an open grave in Hacienda Heights. She had been dead about 30 to 90 days, authorities said. She had been shot in the head.

From the original press release:

Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess is requesting the cooperation of the public in identifying a young girl who’s body was found in an open grave on September 5, 1973, in Hacienda Heights.

The victim had been dead approximately 30-90 days prior to being found. Cause of death was a single gunshot wound in the head. She is described as a female Caucasian, 14-19 years old, 5’2″, approximately 100 pounds, with shoulder length hair.

Her clothing consisted of a long sleeve green turtleneck sweater, size large, light blue corderoy pants, size medium, with a Junior Bazaar, Sears & Roebuck Company label and a leather label, as shown in the attached photograph, above the right rear pocket with the initials of S.J., and blue tennis shoes, size 6M. The victim also was wearing the earrings pictured in the accompanying photographs.

All teeth appear to have been present at time of death with the following exceptions: lower left first molar appears to have been extracted approximately 4 months before death and the lower right second molar appears to have been extracted approximately 6 months before death. There is no evidence of any fillings ever having been placed or any dental work ever having been done except for the two extractions.

Anyone with information regarding this case is requested to contact the Homicide Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, telephone number (213) 974-4341.



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5 Responses to LAPD Parker Center Cop Shop Files: Jane Doe, Sept. 5, 1973

  1. stevo says:

    sad,did they ever find out who she was/


  2. What struck me about this case is her clothing. If her body was found in September, and it had been decomposing for 30 to 60 days, that meant her body was buried in the summer. I am very familiar with the La Habra Heights and Hacienda Heights area, her clothing would be too warm during the hot summer months. Is it me, or does something doesn’t seem right?

    Ten months before, a body of a young man was found in the canyon area of Hacienda Heights-not too far from where Jane Doe was found. He also had a Peace earring on his right ear, and his identity is unknown. Could the cases be related? Just a thought.


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