1970s VHS Nostalgia

NBC Proud as a Peacock

I have been going through some of my old VHS tapes, which I burned to DVDs. Who remembers this ad campaign from 1979?

KZAZ-TV Tucson

Here’s a hunky sportscaster from KZAZ-TV in Tucson.


And a friendly waterbed salesman for Sleepeasy.

John C. Scott

And a locally famous anchorman.

Bill Murray

This is what Bill Murray looked like….

Saturday Night Live, 1979

Sometimes the old shows are a little hard to watch, knowing what happened to the people….

Saturday Night Live, 1979

And sometimes it’s a bit painful, all things considered.

But honestly, I don’t miss the 1970s … at all.

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6 Responses to 1970s VHS Nostalgia

  1. LC says:

    The 70s, miss it? Well, honestly, sometimes I do. Life was so different then. (Okay maybe I don’t miss the clothes or Disco!)


  2. Gretchen says:

    Ah, the days of leisure suits and handlebar mustaches. The attitude was fun, but the fashions were abysmal.


  3. Jim says:

    Network TV has gone downhill ever since they stopped using “Proud as a Peacock”-type jingles.


  4. Dan says:

    Love the short-lived NBC logo, which was either drawn out of a hat or which was developed through a multi-million dollar design and focus-group testing program. If it was the latter they didn’t focus test it in Omaha, since the “double-Nevada” symbol was in fact identical to the logo of Nebraska Public Television. I know you remember this. After a New-Coke style embarrassment, NBC endowed NPT with a handsome infringement settlement, and went back whole-hog to the living-color peacock…
    I got married in the 70s, so it wasn’t all bad…but my beige wedding “tuxedo” was!


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