LAPD Parker Center Cop Shop Files (Updated)

Howard Gantman Press Room

In 2013, I was given a box of material that was cleaned out of the old press room at the LAPD’s Parker Center headquarters, sometimes called “the cop shop.” The box was a jumble of press releases, photographs, artists’ sketches and other items dating from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. I am organizing and cataloging the material and I’ll be posting selected items.

This is one of those mysterious pieces of paper in the cop shop files. Obviously it’s some sort of shipping label … but Howard Gantman?   If you have any ideas, email me.

Update: Several people emailed to say: “These are phone books, you moron!” To which we answer “Yes, we know. In fact we have a collection of vintage Los Angeles phone books and city directories in the Daily Mirror library.”

The question is what was Howard Gantman doing at the LAPD Cop Shop?

Ed Epstein replies:

Howard Gantman worked for UPI in LA. He then worked for Senator Dianne Feinstein in Washington for many years, as her communications director.    He left her staff in 2009 and now is communications director for the Motion Pictures Association of America, the powerful MPAA.    His offices are just a block from the White House.

FYI: As a fan of Old Hollywood, I love your

Thanks for your help, Ed!

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4 Responses to LAPD Parker Center Cop Shop Files (Updated)

  1. Santos L Halper says:

    I think it’s pretty easy to figure out. It’s a shipping label for phone directories (Orange County B to B Yellow Pages, perhaps) for delivery to a newsroom at UPI. Must have been a different Howard Gantman, though?


  2. Hi all. Just saw this. I began my journalism career as a City News Service reporter working the Parker Center police beat under the tutelage of the legendary Norm Jake Jacoby. Somewhere along the line, my name must have been put on the phone directories, or reverse directories that were kept there for pre-Google search locators.

    Hope this information helps! (albeit late)


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