1944 in Print — The Lyons Den, March 23, 1944

March 23, 1944, Leonard Lysons

March 23, 1944

When Walter Winchell didn’t file a column, the St. Petersburg Times ran Leonard Lyons’ “The Lyons Den” instead. All of which will be explained in a few days.

At Mrs. Evelyn Walsh McLean’s party in Washington, Rep. Clare Luce discussed some Republican candidates with Henri Bernstein, the dramatist. “Willkie and Dewey will lock horns,” said Representative Luce. “neither will be able to budge the other and then MacArthur will come up as the dark horse.” When Bernstein made no comment, Mrs. Luce asked: “Don’t you think so? Such things have happened before, you know. Don’t you think MacArthur will come up as the dark horse?” … “What I was thinking,” replied Bernstein, “is that if such a thing should happen it will be the first time a dark horse came up on a white horse.”

From the St. Petersburg Times.

March 23, 1944, Leonard Lyons

March 23, 1944, Leonard Lyons

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