L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 3


And here’s where we try to get a handle on where to focus for 2014:

The top interest among Daily Mirror readers is film, followed by famous crimes (unsolved and solved), then preservation, architecture, television, LAPD/law enforcement, other, theater and fashion.

When we break down the popularity of current Daily Mirror features, we find this:


It’s no surprise that the mystery photo (35) got the most response as “It’s my favorite,” followed by features that focus on a specific event like the death of Ted Healy or the Masked Marvel Murder (30), Mary Mallory/Hollywood Heights columns (23) and then focusing on a specific year (22), with Parker Center Cop Shop files getting 16 and the rest receiving single digits.

But when “It’s my favorite” and “I like it” are combined, we find the top feature is focus on a specific event (110 out of 121 or 90%), focus on a specific year (104 or 85%), Mary Mallory/Hollywood Heights (97 or 80%), Parker Center Cop Shop Files (90 or 74%) and mystery photo (84 or 69%).

So what do readers want for 2014?


The top essential is focus on a specific event, followed by focus on a specific year, mystery photo and Mary Mallory/Hollywood Heights.

The ranking of essential plus somewhat important  is: Focus on a specific event (109), focus on a specific year (106), Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights (101), Parker Center Cop Shop Files (91) and mystery photo (85).

And finally, what would readers like to see added in 2014?


No question about it, you readers what book reviews and author interviews!

As we know from the survey, you are longtime readers, so you are familiar with the refrain “So many stories, only one Larry Harnisch.” The idea of adding book reviews to the mix is quite appealing, but I honestly am not going to have the time to do many of them. Mary Mallory has offered to do some, but I’m wondering if there is someone among the brain trust who would also like to take on the task of writing books reviews. If anyone is interested, email me.

To be continued.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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8 Responses to L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 3

  1. kthursby says:

    I like to think of it a little differently.:
    “So many stories, but at least there’s one Larry Harnisch.”


  2. Santos L. Halper says:

    Larry, just curious but I’ve noticed the Cop Shop posts have been particularly absent for a while. Do you plan to resume them?


    • lmharnisch says:

      Yes, I plan to resume them…. I have had massive computer problems for the last few weeks — I ultimately had to buy a new desktop running Windows 8 and have been attempting to update all my old software from Windows XP. If you have ever had to deal with Windows 8, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. In case you don’t know, Windows 8 is a major, major shift away from everything you have ever learned about Windows. I’m working about three weeks to a month ahead, so look for them to resume in February.


      • Santos L. Halper says:

        Thanks for the reply! Just wanted to make sure. I love this site and have a particular affinity for unsolved crime and LA history. I was fortunate enough to visit Los Angeles last week and really got a kick out of driving by so many places I’ve read about on this blog.

        As for Windows 8, I have frequently told people that it is the only operating system I have ever encountered that manages to baffle and torment both novice and expert computer users. It is truly unfathomable that Microsoft continues to be a presence in the computing market. An awful product for the ages.


      • lmharnisch says:

        As I say, so many stories, only one Larry Harnisch. Putting together the Christmas on the radio posts sent me off into radio land, which I’m enjoying. I’ve listened to OTR (old time radio) over the years but I have never listened to programs in chronological order. It’s a very different experience to hear the performers refer to the same events and popular songs. I have heard “Shoo, Shoo Baby” and “My Heart Tells Me” more in the last few weeks than I have in the last 30 years.


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    When will you be running your interview with Mark Vieira?


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