How to Run Musicmatch Jukebox on Windows 8

Musicmatch Jukebox

I can’t be the only one who is frustrated that Musicmatch Jukebox won’t run on Windows 8. At least version 10 won’t run. But As you can see, Version 7.1 will install if you run the installation program in Windows 98 compatibility mode and run MMJB in Windows XP mode. Musicmatch launched just as Windows 8 was telling me that it wouldn’t run. Ha!

You may be asking yourself: “Gosh, Larry, where can I get Musicmatch Jukebox 7.1? It’s from 2002!!” I happened to have a copy because I’m a pack rat. But alas, Musicmatch Jukebox is long discontinued, so getting a copy now might be problematic. If you Google it, you may be able to find a version. Good luck!

And why would I want to run this ancient software? Because, among other things, it includes a first-rate digital recorder.

Next I’ll be hunting a CP/M emulator so I can run WordStar. (Just kidding).

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8 Responses to How to Run Musicmatch Jukebox on Windows 8

  1. Earl Boebert says:

    HP is now offering Windows 7 as an option with a 150 buck discount. “By popular demand,” sez the flacks.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Yeah, but it’s an HP and I have not had good experiences with their computers, although their printers and scanners are great. But really, clinging to Win7 is just postponing the inevitable. Microsoft and Apple are founded on the principle of planned obsolescence. Microsoft can only sell new versions of Office, for example, if it breaks the old versions so they won’t work on the newer operating systems. Do you think for a moment that Microsoft is going to let Office 2000 run on Win8? Ha!

      The way to avoid all of this is to go with Ubuntu, if you want to try that route. You can get *almost* everything you need on that operating system and say a curse on both Microsoft and Apple. But Ubuntu, although easier to use than the old days of Linux, is not yet for amateurs. And everything is permanently in Beta mode, so certain common software like Google Earth and Spotify are hard to install.

      The other way is to go with Open Office and Thunderbird, which are free and offer pretty much everything the average user needs in terms of email and word processing.


  2. Earl Boebert says:

    Another alternative is to go the virtual machine route and use your old versions of Windows. I run legacy software (hobbyist stuff) on VMs under DOS, Win95 and Win NT.


  3. Eric says:

    I recently bought a Windows 8.1 laptop when my Vista laptop’s screen went dead. I had been using musicmatch 7.2 successfully on it since 2009, even though when installing it I got warnings that it wouldn’t work.

    It installed similarly on Windows 8.1, but it doesn’t show the CD/DVD drive as a recording source. I even plugged in an old HP external DVD drive and mm still only shows Line In, Mic In or System Mixer as sources.

    It still works fine for tagging and re-naming, though.


  4. Andy says:


    Excelent option, i love musicmatch because i have a lot of music. insert album art, edit id tag and rename tracks, pff easy whith this program. Thanks for this trick


  5. WarriorBill says:

    I have managed to get Musicmatch 10 to run on 2 Windows 10 pc’s – Home & Pro – both 64-bit – here’s how –


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