L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Drinking Guide — The Bronx Cocktail

Dec. 20, 1934, Holiday Cocktails

Dec. 20 1934, Holiday Drinks

Dec. 20, 1934: In case you doubted me (but you wouldn’t, would you?), here’s a recipe for the Bronx Cocktail, from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, courtesy of FultonHistory.com.

In case you plan to mix one up, a Bronx Cocktail is one part Italian vermouth, three parts brandy and a dash of orange bitters. Shake well!

Notice that there are also three variations of the Manhattan.

Dec. 20, 1934, Cocktail Recipes

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2 Responses to L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Drinking Guide — The Bronx Cocktail

  1. Earl Boebert says:

    Hmm. 2:1 is a dry Martini? My preference is 3:1, per the Pullman Parlor Car Commissary Manual of the same era.


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