The ‘Masked Marvel Murder’ – Part 7

Sept. 14, 1943, David Bacon

In case you just tuned in, we are looking at the unsolved Sept. 12, 1943, killing of “Masked Marvel” actor David G.G. Bacon.

And we have regular L.A. Daily Mirror reader Steven Bibb to thank for this puzzle. Steven provided me with some clips on the case, including this scan of the Sept. 14, 1943, Los Angeles Herald-Express.

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According to The Times,

Sept. 13, 1943, David  G.G. Bacon

So if that description is correct:

Sept. 14, 1943, David Bacon

We would have to be looking north from Thatcher at the site across Washington Boulevard where Bacon crashed the car and died. But if this path is correct, it seems as though he was coming up Thatcher Avenue rather than along Washington. It would help if the street signs were legible, but they aren’t.


Here’s the north side of Washington as seen from Thatcher. So are we looking at this?

Or is our fellow standing here:


Sept. 14, 1943, David Bacon image

If this photo illustration is correct, it looks like Bacon crashed into a beanfield on the south side of Washington, rather than the north.

Note: Steven sent me a clearer copy of the photo which shows that our fellow is indeed standing on the south side of Washington at Thatcher, which means that Bacon crashed on the south side of the street.

To be continued.

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1 Response to The ‘Masked Marvel Murder’ – Part 7

  1. Eve says:

    Hmmm. Well, it SEEMS he was killed either by a hitchhiker or a sex pick-up–it might be totally unrelated to his Bachelor Den of Mystery. He did have a habit of picking up hitchers, and that can go very wrong. His deshabille may have been just because he was going swimming–after all, if he were taking a man to his swinger’s den, there would be plenty of time to undress there.


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