Black Dahlia: Hodel Murder House Soil Samples? You Must Be Kidding!


You may recall the pop media frenzy back in February that “Buster the wonder dog” had found “something” at the Sowden House that was possibly, maybe, kind of, perhaps, sort of, related to the Black Dahlia case proving, oh, you know, that Dr. George “Evil Genius” Hodel committed every unsolved murder in Los Angeles, invented “New” Coke and the Edsel. Oh and he was also Zodiac.

Christine Pelisek, writing in the Daily Beast on Feb. 3, said:

“Last November, Buster was turned loose to search for scents related to human decomposition — and he perked up, or “alerted” as [owner Paul] Dostie calls it, at several potential clues in the basement. Soil samples were taken and results are expected next week.”

Notice that: “Next Week.”

Four months later…. Silence.

No one seems to be interested in following up on this little yarn, especially the pop media, who are busy chasing the next ambulance for five minutes of Fast ‘n’ Lite coverage.

Clearly, the soil samples are a bust and  the George “Evil Genius” Hodel franchise has nothing to show. All it can do is boast about the pop media coverage from Buster’s publicity stunt.

Tell me you’re surprised.


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6 Responses to Black Dahlia: Hodel Murder House Soil Samples? You Must Be Kidding!

  1. dewey webb says:

    Is there no end to this nonsense?


  2. Duane Laible says:



  3. Eve says:

    BAD dog! Bad!


  4. Cindy (MartiniDoll) Walters says:

    Perhaps they’ll find Jimmy Hoffa there !


  5. LC says:

    Could it be that Dr. Hodel had nothing to do with it, oh wait, how could this be, since he was involved with every crime ever committed in LA!


  6. Eve says:

    What a shame, Richard Ramirez dying in prison, spending all those years behind bars for murders that George Hodel obviously committed.


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