Black Dahlia: The Non-Smoking Gun – George Hodel Files Part 14


Hodel and Ellen have conversation in Spanish. They are in bedroom having sex intercourse or something, probably perversion. Sounds like he got another blowjob!!!!!

A little perversion breaks up the monotony at the purported Murder HQ of Dr. George “Evil Genius” Hodel on March 3, 1950.

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Snoring begins!!! Hodel asleep!!!


Conversation with woman continues. Relative to her expenses and the childrens.

Hodel discusses his losses “$6,000.00 in 1946, I sold the clinic to pay for the losses of that year. Now I must sell the house.” Hodel — something about penitentiary.


I’m very anxious to see the flower shop!!!


This guy has talked continuously since 2:25 p.m.!!!!

We got to get rid of this stuff within the next 24 hrs. Have some plywood and some lumber!!!!


bring some girl along, asks her if she will read some poems!!!!!

Talking about a deodorizing bath salt, Hodel said he just used!!!!


Hodel to Ellen “You got crumbs all over my bed. Will you get them off without getting them on the floor!!!!!!”


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2 Responses to Black Dahlia: The Non-Smoking Gun – George Hodel Files Part 14

  1. Dick Morris says:

    It’s interesting how frequently “etc.” appears on some days. It makes me wonder what was left out. Since it’s only on some days it appears that there was more than one transcriber, or the same transcriber had on-days and off-days.


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