Black Dahlia: The Non-Smoking Gun – George Hodel Files Part 1


OK, I’m fed up with all sorts of claims about what is in the transcript of the bugs placed at Dr. George Hodel’s house, so I’m going to start posting them, a bit every day. Here’s the first installment, from Feb. 18, 1950. Prepare for tedium.

What’s this? Moving around the house!!! Very bad reception!!!



Here’s the famous “lady sobbing.” What’s this? Followed by a poetry reading?!!

What’s this? Reception was poor!! Conversation was hard to understand!!

Supposin’ I did kill the Black Daliah. They couldn’t prove it now. What’s this? Conversation was garbled and it was difficult to maintain a line of continuity of conversation? Oh dear.


The famous “woman screaming” comments. Obviously the police were so concerned about what might be happening that they – did nothing.

Apparently working at his desk, sounds of paper and drawers. The “Evil Genius” is obviously planning his next depraved attack on Los Angeles!!

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11 Responses to Black Dahlia: The Non-Smoking Gun – George Hodel Files Part 1

  1. Duane Laible says:

    “A man with a German accent.” AHA! The thing that Hodel has unfortunately overlooked is the obvious connection between his dad and Bruno Richard Hauptman. There is a hot new lead. If there is a reward for solving the Black Dahlia case, I want to claim it based on this information.


  2. BostonRob says:

    Larry, any idea about the statement about having enough on the guy that he confessed?


  3. I assume these transcripts came from the DA’s files. Was there also a judge-signed search warrant in there? Or was this bugging done illegally?


    • lmharnisch says:

      Let me clear up any misconception about these district attorney’s files. At some point, it was decided to clear out a bunch of old paperwork due to lack of storage space…. During that process, some material was saved “because it looked important.” The files were pretty much shoveled into boxes without much organization. The Black Dahlia boxes are extremely disorganized and even contain material from other, completely unrelated cases. The Hodel transcripts were broken into two parts in separate files, just to give you an idea of the disarray. There are random bits of paper, phone messages, multiple copies of some documents, etc. I don’t recall seeing a warrant but there might have been one that simply wasn’t saved during that process.


  4. Eve says:

    All right, young man–here is a pencil and some paper. You sit yourself right down and write that book, and I am not letting you out of your room till you do, not even when The Lone Ranger comes on TV.


  5. JAMES says:

    I do think George Hodel sounds like a bad man and it’s not impossible that he commited the Black Dahlia murder and other crimes but Steve Hodel does not have the proof. He defeats his own purpose by trying to blame every rape & murder in the USA and Phillipines on his father.


  6. J. Starr says:

    This Dr. Hodel did not kill Elizabeth Short. It’s been well known in our family who killed her and the murderer got away with it and it’s a shame. He is dead now he died in 1992 and was in a way related to me.


  7. Kyle J. Wood says:

    She was MISSING during the entire week leading up to the murder. Hodel would surely not have kept her imprisoned inside his home. Her presence there would have impacted his daily affairs and visitors would have been coming and going routinely. If she had been staying there and free to roam about, however, given the close proximity to her local hang-outs (Mark Hansen’s place was just a mile away), surely she would have encountered, contacted or been seen by at least one of her Hollywood friends or acquaintances? She vanished without a trace following her departure from the Biltmore on the 9th…until her fresh remains were discovered on the morning of the 15th.


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