Movieland Mystery Photo


Today’s mystery folks are from the collection of Mary Mallory. Thanks, Mary!

Please congratulate Bob Hansen, Mike Hawks and Tim Doherty for identifying our mystery gal. And thanks to Mary for sharing a mystery photo.


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8 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo

  1. Bob Hansen says:

    I think the woman is Clara Kimball Young.


  2. Mike Hawks says:

    the lady is Clara Kimball Young. The man remains unknown to me at present.


  3. Tim Doherty says:

    Clara Kimball Young?


  4. Claire Lockhart says:

    Francis X. Bushman


  5. Gregory Moore says:

    Yikes…we’re going WAY back this time….not my metier…but let’s try some deduction here: What a profile that guy has! So, he’d have to be one of the silent film gents known for his handsomeness. SO…I’ll guess Lou Tellegen. And it would make sense if that were Geraldine Farrar, his wife (briefly). The movie? How about “The World and Its Woman”? No? Ahh well…wait’ll we get to Russ Columbo…I’ll be first, I tells ya!


  6. Stacia says:

    Is the actor James Young? He has the same chin as the gent in the film Trilby (1923).


  7. Gregory Moore says:

    Okay…we give up…who is it?


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