Deadly LAPD Beating: Officer Describes Arrest

Jan. 17, 1943, Comics

Jan. 17, 1943, Beebe Case

Jan. 17, 1943: District attorney’s investigators question Police Sgt. James F. Martin about the arrest of Stanley H. Beebe, who died after being beaten by LAPD officers.

Martin said that he got a bloody nose and two broken ribs in his struggle with Beebe after Martin boarded a streetcar and 3rd and Hill. The conductor asked Martin to remove Beebe, who was drunk and disorderly, but Martin wanted to wait until the car got to 1st, near the old Central Police Station.

“It took every ounce of strength I had to get Beebe off the car,” Martin said.

Martin said that once Beebe was at the police station, he left twice, once to check on some eggs he was carrying that were broken in the fight with Beebe and again to smoke a cigarette.

Testimony was also taken from Mabel Morehouse, a nurse who cared for Beebe at General Hospital; and ambulance driver Joseph Fiestel and attendant Alex E. Blanco, who transported Beebe from his home to the hospital.The ambulance crew said it was clear Beebe had been beaten.

Dist. Atty. John  Dockweiler reveals some of the letters he has received complaining about LAPD brutality, including a woman whose son was hospitalized after a police beating and a woman who tells the story of a frail, partially paralyzed World War I veteran whose arm was broken by officers.

Hedda Hopper visits the set of “Five Graves to Cairo” and chats with Billy Wilder.

Jan. 17, 1943, Follies

Jan. 17, 1943, movies

Jan. 17, 1943, Beebe Case

Jan. 17, 1943, Beebe Case

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4 Responses to Deadly LAPD Beating: Officer Describes Arrest

  1. Larry-
    I am surprised you didn’t mention Hedda Hopper’s entry regarding “Captain Jack Ford.” For some of the folks who don’t know who he is, it’s John Ford, the director, who was doing “double-duty” as an OSS officer. .


  2. Mary Mallory says:

    Hopefully the policeman received some form of punishment out of this?


  3. aryedirect says:

    “She’s hot as a volcano!” By now, she must be cold as an ice house.


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