Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

Oct. 15, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here’s today’s mystery photo! Who is the mystery woman and what is the mystery film?

Oct. 16, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here are some more mystery people from our mystery film. Please congratulate Dewey Webb for identifying our mystery gal and the mystery movie!


Here’s another mystery woman from our mystery film…. Please congratulate Claire Lockhart and Benito for identifying our first mystery woman — and the film! Also congratulate Megan and Roget-L.A. for identifying our mystery chap, and Dewey Webb for identifying our mystery chanteuse.


And here’s another mystery chap (OK, not very mysterious) from our mystery film… Our mystery movie and people have been identified by Mike Hawks and Jeff M.

Oct. 19, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here’s your answer!

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25 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  1. aryedirect says:

    Can answer the who, but not the what. She is Mercury Player, Agnes Moorehead. The picture?


  2. dewey webb says:

    Zoe Caldwell in Purple Rose of Cairo


  3. Jenny M says:

    Margaret Leighton


  4. Mete Sarabi says:

    …Jack Buchanan?


  5. Rogét-L.A. says:

    John Hurt in drag? Don’t know film, but that’s definitely the bottom half of John Wood’s face in the background.


  6. Zabadu says:

    Is it that guy from Lost In Space? Jonathan Harris, I think?


  7. Andrew says:

    Judith Anderson as the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderfella?


  8. Mike Botula says:

    Not a “mystery woman” by any stretch. But, as to who. Sorry I don’t follow t ransvestites.


  9. Mary Mallory says:

    Martita Hunt in ANASTASIA?


  10. Rotter says:

    Edgar Buchanan?


  11. Eve Golden says:

    Wow, lots of unnecessary nastiness in this thread.


  12. Gary Alexander says:

    I have to admit I saw Jonathan Harris, myself. Sorry if I have offended.


  13. Claire Lockhart says:

    Zoe Caldwell in THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO (1985)


  14. Megan says:

    Is the guy in the middle of the second photo John Wood?


  15. Benito says:

    Zoe Caldwell as the Countess in The Purple Rose of Cairo, but Jonathan Harris is a good guess.


  16. dewey webb says:

    Karen Akers


  17. Mike Hawks says:

    Here we go. #1 Zoe Caldwell. #2 Edward Herrmann, John Wood and Deborah Rush. #3 Karen Akers. All appearing in THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO.


  18. Jeff M. says:

    The movie is “Purple Rose of Cairo” and I believe the woman is Zoe Caldwell. Not a flattering still, you have to admit. (I only got this because I recognized Karen Akers in the third pic and worked backwards from there.)


  19. Gregory Moore says:

    At last….Zoe Caldwell, Karen Akers and Van Johnson in “Purple Rose of Cairo”!


  20. Mike Hawks says:

    Van Johnson it is.


  21. Mary Mallory says:

    First photo is Zoe Caldwell as the Countess in THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO. Second photo is John Wood, today is Van Johnson.


  22. LC says:

    Zoe Caldwell, John Wood, Van Johnson in The Purple Rose of Cairo.


  23. Rogét-L.A. says:

    The Purple Rose of Cairo: 1) Zoe Caldwell; 2) Jeff Daniels, John Wood and Deborah Rush; 3) Karen Akers; and 4) Van Johnson.


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