Another Good Story Ruined: The Black Dahlia

Photo: <<Le Dahlia Noir>> 

Once again, Elizabeth Short’s bogus middle name appears in a story about the Black Dahlia – proof that mistakes take on a life of their own.

In reality, she had no middle name. She was erroneously given the middle name “Ann” in the introduction to the 1971 Los Angeles Times story “Farewell, My Black Dahlia.”

This mistake has even permeated her FBI file and was repeated by James Ellroy until I corrected him (something few people get away with). You can be sure that whenever someone refers to the Black Dahlia as Elizabeth Ann Short they don’t know what they are talking about.

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2 Responses to Another Good Story Ruined: The Black Dahlia

  1. Sean says:

    Interesting. I wish you would write a book about the Black Dhalia case. There does not seem to be a single book on the subject that is not drenched in falsehoods or shoddy research. It would be a great contribution to simply write a factual account based on the primary sources in order to set the record straight and point out where the myths started oozing in through the secondary sources. How much longer do we have to read nonsense about Elizabeth Short’s the pygmy genitals or whose daddy killed her or the supposedly corrupt LAPD letting a murderer go to hide Hollywood’s STDs? It is remarkable that after 60 years, the only books written about the subject are sleazy pseudo-noir trash.


    • Eve Golden says:

      I have been nagging poor Larry about this for ages–there is NOTHING out there on the case that is not nonsense of some sort or another. Here we have an unbiased researcher and writer–fer gosh sakes, Larry, write a book! It’s not often you can say a book is “needed,” but in this case it really is.


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