Saving L.A. History, One Page at a Time

LAPD Bulletins
Photo: The LAPD Daily Police Bulletin for Jan. 16, 1947, the day after the Black Dahlia’s body was found. Notice that the Dahlia isn’t mentioned. Credit: Larry Harnisch/LADailyMirror


My latest column for The Times is about Joan Renner and her project to digitize the daily LAPD bulletins from 1907 to 1957.


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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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5 Responses to Saving L.A. History, One Page at a Time

  1. Steven Bibb says:

    Great article! Once scanned, will these documents be made available online?


  2. Love this, very interesting. Why no mention of the Black Dahlia do you think?


  3. Eve says:

    Fascinating! Historian Hat’s off to Joan Renner!


  4. Sam Flowers says:

    Several tries had been made to establish a LAPD Museum but always met with failure. The present LAPD Historical Society has met with great success and this is another achievement attributed to them. Visit the museum and see for yourselves.


  5. Wunderful article. We need more LATimes articles by Harnisch!


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