Movieland Mystery Photo

June 18, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here’s another mystery photo from the collection of Steven Bibb!


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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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11 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Jon Hall?


  2. Mike Hawks says:

    My vote is for Art Jarrett.


  3. Don Danard says:

    Well it sorta, kinda, maybe looks like a very young Allan Lane.


  4. Mike Hawks says:

    Art Jarrett.


  5. Gregory Moore says:

    Art Jarrett! One of my favorite singers of the early 1930’s!


  6. Lorenzo says:

    Maybe a young William Bendix.


  7. Floyd Thursby says:

    Was Lee J. Cobb ever that young?


  8. Cindy Walters says:

    He looks like a very young Ralph Bellamy but the chin dimple doesn’t seem right.


  9. Rick Scott says:

    Name finally came to me…is it Hardie Albright?


  10. dewey webb says:

    So who is he?


  11. Floyd Thursby says:

    This is possibly Harnisch’s great Uncle Morty, the embezzler. He was well known in thirties Hollywood for selling phoney futures in El Brendel to exhausted grips and character actors just before closing time as well as his hushed up escapades with Paulette Goddard. Lana Turner was reputed to have given him the one word review, “exhausting,” and he is said to be the only man who ever left Tallulah Bankhead speechless, although she did have a silly grin on her face.

    Morty was finally convicted with the aid of the best lawyers Charlie Chaplin could hire, but escaped during an air raid drill and blackout soon after Pearl Harbor with the aid of a clipboard he carved from a bar of soap, and a rat tail mustache. Fortunately the prison had an ample supply of rat tails.

    Little is known of his activities during World War II but Madame Chiang Kai-shek was known to fly into a towering rage whenever his name was mentioned in her presence, many impressive medals from various governments were sold during his later lean years, and at his death the sole contents of his safe deposit box was a pair of sturdy socks knitted by the then-princess Elizabeth of Britain which sustained his feet during a spell as a POW in Colditz.

    After the War and the statute of limitations expiring, Morty naturally drifted into television production, primarily kiddie shows, out-takes of which comforted him in his golden years. He is also said to have fronted for several blacklisted writers and done mysterious errands for Howard Hughes in Nicarauga.

    Some believe that either he or B. Traven was the mysterious worker on “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” while others maintain that he contributed to the dialogue of “Beat The Devil.” A fellow resembling him reportedly worked for some years on John Huston’s Irish estate. With a faraway look in her eyes, Angelica Huston refuses to discuss him.

    Some maintain they recognized him dancing in the background on a party sequence in “Laugh In.”

    Morty was last seen splashing in the background in the swimming hole scene in “Woodstock” where he was remembered by many as the oldest particpant there and by some of the hippie chicks as “exhausting.”

    The rest is silence.


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