32 Taverns and Bars Declared Off-Limits

June 7, 1942, Off Limits
June 7, 1942, Comics

June 7, 1942: The Navy declares 32 bars and taverns off limits in Los Angeles. Most of them are on Main Street and East 5th with a few in Hollywood. The posts on the Zoot Suit Riots have more information on places that were declared off-limits.

Adeline Gray makes what is described as the first live test of a parachute made of nylon rather than silk. Gray, 24, had made 33 jumps for the Pioneer Parachute Co. of Manchester, Conn., The Times says.

June 7, 1942, Parachute Tester

June 7, 1942, Parachute Tester

June 7, 1942, Off Limits

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5 Responses to 32 Taverns and Bars Declared Off-Limits

  1. sherry smith says:

    I see Club Flamingo is one of the clubs listed by the Navy to stay out of. Isn’t that one of the clubs Beth Short frequented?


    • lmharnisch says:

      @Sherry…. After Elizabeth Short was killed, her name became attached to just about every bar, cafe and tavern in Los Angeles — almost as common as Clark Gable! But forget about the map in some editions of “Severed.” It’s all just hype.


  2. Benito says:

    “endangering the health and welfare of service personnel” is a euphemism for something nastier and more interesting, like B girls, prostitution, gambling, drugs, etc.


  3. Earl Boebert says:

    A better picture of Ms. Gray can be found here:





  4. Jon Ponder says:

    Chez Boheme and Cafe Internationale on the Strip were gay-friendly clubs. Chez Boheme was actually at 8950 Sunset, however, according to the club’s ads in the Times. At the time of the Navy’s actions here, the famous drag performer Rae (or Ray) Bourbon was performing there. Less is known about Cafe Internationale, although one source seems to suggest it catered to women.


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