Japanese Man’s Suicide Note: ‘My Country Goes Greatly Wrong’

May 23, 1942, Comics

May 23, 1942: Iyamma Satos uses three neckties to hang himself in Elysian Park. His suicide note reads:

“My country goes greatly wrong. I cannot face my good friend America anymore, so I had to die. Please bury me quietly.”

May 23, 1942, Juke Girl

May 23, 1942, Suicide

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2 Responses to Japanese Man’s Suicide Note: ‘My Country Goes Greatly Wrong’

  1. The final indignity heaped upon Mr. Satos is the sub-headline: ‘Jap Ends Life…”. Few Americans would even admit to its international crimes, let alone take personal responsibility. I cannot help but feel great respect for you. And loss.


  2. Bruce Reznick says:

    I looked up “Juke Girl” in IMDB expecting to find it was from the bottom of the barrel. Wrong! It’s Warner Brothers. The stars are Ann Sheridan and Ronald Reagan (with lots of familiar character actors). it was directed by Curtis Bernhardt, and A.I. Bezzerides is one of the writers.


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