Accused Killer, Shot in Courtroom, Convicted as He Dies

May 22, 1942, Comics
May 22, 1942: As the prosecutor finished his closing arguments in the trial of Mazo Shepherd, accused of killing a taxi driver, the victim’s nephew walked up to Shepherd and shot him in the head.

Shepherd was taken from the courtroom and died a short time later, but not before the jury convicted him and recommended the death penalty.

And that’s how they do things in Harlan, Ky.

May 22, 1942, Revenge Slayin

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5 Responses to Accused Killer, Shot in Courtroom, Convicted as He Dies

  1. What happened to the nephew??


  2. rick says:

    sounds like a plot line from Justified


  3. sherry says:

    Manzo was my grandmothers brother there is alot more than what was actually told in the newspapers


    • Vivian says:

      Joe Christian was my grandmother’s brother, and he was murdered for $20! The murderers took away my father’s uncle Joe, who was like a father to him and his siblings.


  4. LARRY LEWIS says:

    I am from Harlan and I knew some of the people named.


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