Pilot Lands P-38 Between Venice, Ocean Park Piers

May 17, 1942, P-38

May 17, 1942: Lt. William K. Long lands his P-38, with smoke pouring from one of the engines, between the Venice and Ocean Park piers. “Then, swimming a short distance through deep water, he waded ashore,” The Times said.

Philip K. Scheuer visits the set of “Love and Kisses, Caroline” and asks: “Who’s that skinny little girl?”

Answer: Diana Barrymore.

Tenor George Garner and pianist Netta Paullyn Garner will present a concert at Occidental College to benefit the “Negro branch of the Young Women’s Christian Association,” The Times says. Garner was the first African American to sing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Rediscovering George Garner on the Daily Mirror


May 17, 1942, P-38

May 17, 1942, Town Called Hollywood

Town Called Hollywood

May 17, 1942, Town Called Hollywood

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3 Responses to Pilot Lands P-38 Between Venice, Ocean Park Piers

  1. My grandfather was in Pasadena, CA in 1942 and he talks about the search lights following a plane at night there. I had to look to see but it was in May of 42. Interesting story. I am working with my fathers WWII letters and he was sent to the coast of California after Pearl Harbor. Among Dad’s letters are 6 written by my grandfather…. interesting!


  2. Mr Harnisch,
    I can’t find a way to email you, but I know you moderate the posts so I thought I’d try this. I’m trying to track down the exact location of the 1932 Olympic Village, where the male atheletes stayed. There are a few websites that say it was in the Baldwin Hills (they think) but no one has the exact location. I can’t believe this information is lost forever. Can you help?


    • lmharnisch says:

      @Gary: Yes. The Olympic Village was torn down afterward, despite some calls to save it for housing during the Depression. I think you can find a map of the compound online. I have written about the Olympic Village — at least I think I have. After 9,000 posts my recollection is a little murky.


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