Miles Corwin – ‘Midnight Alley’

"Midnight Alley"

The Daily Mirror stopped by Vroman’s in Pasadena on Sunday to hear our old friend and former Times colleague Miles Corwin discuss his latest book, “Midnight Alley.”

LAPD cold case Detective Rick Jackson, like us a former member of James Ellroy’s entourage, spoke with tremendous enthusiasm and respect for Miles. Rick is a very funny guy with a dry wit tempered by years of seeing people at their worst and their best. At times he had fun with Miles and at other times he was quite serious, but in all Rick endorsed Miles’ writing, saying that of all the crime books being published these days, Michael Connelly is one author who gets it right and Miles Corwin is the other.

We are always happy to see our former Times colleagues succeed and it’s been gratifying to watch Miles flourish as an author (In case you don’t know, Miles was a first-rate reporter at The Times. If you get a chance, read his 1982 nondupe about convicted killer Robert Alton Harris, one of many great stories Miles did at the paper).

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2 Responses to Miles Corwin – ‘Midnight Alley’

  1. dorfgog says:

    “…read his 1982 nondupe about…” What is a nondupe?


    • lmharnisch says:

      A “nondupe” is The Times’ term for the Page 1 story that appears as “Column One,” meaning that the story is not duplicated anywhere else. The nondupes are a showcase for long (sometimes very long) features on a wide array of subjects off the beaten path.


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