Found on EBay – the Tick Tock

The Tick Tock

The Tick Tock (d. 1988) has gone to the great watchmaker in the sky. It was the kind of Hollywood place where Pee-wee Herman and Charles Phoenix might have had their own booths. But it lives on in this postcard, which has been listed on EBay at $9.

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2 Responses to Found on EBay – the Tick Tock

  1. Sam Flowers says:

    I worked a parking lot up from Tick Tock in the late 60’s. I remember distinctly the little old ladies that came to lunch there. “Going to Tick Tock” they would say. Only time I ever got bit by a dog, The lady said “Pierre won’t bother you”, sure enough did. It was a small parking lot and tied it up till she came back because I could not move the car. Dobermans, Pit Bulls even Chihuahuas love me but not Poodles. I hate Poodles, they know it.


  2. I moved from Texas in 1988 and had the good fortune to eat at the Tick Tock Hollywood a few times. This postcard shows the restaurant as I remember it…especially all those clocks. Interestingly, I actually miss Gorky’s more, which replaced the Tick Tock. I haven’t been in the current restaurant on the site, Sharkey’s.


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