‘Full Service’: Fun With Fact-Checking, Part 16

"Full Service" Cover

In case you just tuned in, I’m doing a little fact-checking as I go through Scotty Bowers’ “Full Service.” This will be fairly tedious except to a research drudge.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

All those posts about the life of Walter Pidgeon in 1946, the location of gas stations on Wilshire Boulevard and it was in front of me all the time.

Scotty Bowers says:

He swung the car onto a paved drive that led to a large house. As he turned the wheel he pointed out the imposing gates on the other side of the street.
“You like movie stars?” he asked.
“Sure, why?” I replied.
He gestured toward the opposite driveway and told me that it was the home of Harold Lloyd, the famous silent movie actor.

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1740 Green Acres Drive

Bowers is referring to these gates at 1740 Green Acres Drive, Beverly Hills; the gates to the Harold Lloyd estate, as shown via Google’s Street View.

The “large house” in question purportedly belonged to Jacques “Jack” Potts. (More about him later).

But, you see, we have property records in Los Angeles.

We can go to the website of the Los Angeles County assessor’s office and check the construction date on Lloyd’s home:

1740 Green Acres Drive
And that means we can check the construction on all the adjoining property.

1710 Green Acres Drive
Where we find that 1710 Green Acres Drive was built in 1982…

1720 Green Acres Drive
… 1720 Green Acres Drive was built in 1987…

1735 Green Acres Drive

… 1735 Green Acres Drive was built in 1983…

1725 Green Acres Drive

… 1725 Green Acres Drive was built in 1982…

1715 Green Acres Drive

… and 1715 Green Acres drive was built in 1982.

In other words, none of these other houses was there in 1946. I realize that Beverly Hills is the city of million-dollar tear-downs, and possibly Jacques Potts’ tryst HQ was demolished. But so far this is not looking good. In fact, it’s quite suspicious. And I would be very happy if a property expert among the Daily Mirror readers would care to join the discussion.

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3 Responses to ‘Full Service’: Fun With Fact-Checking, Part 16

  1. LC says:

    The plot thickens! Keep it coming, it’s starting to get real interesting.


  2. William Desmond Taylor says:


    Wasn’t the lloyd estate much bigger back then, around 15 acres? Are those the original gates? The gates could have been at the start of Green Acres street.

    So they would be going to the opposite side of the street on Benedict Canyon?

    Just an amateur’s first thought.

    Love to hear from an expert on Lloyd.


  3. Mayor Frank Shaw says:

    You’re right Mr.Taylor (Ms. Minter sends you her best, by the way). The Lloyd estate was sold in 1975 to retired Iranian businessman Nasrollah Afshani and sub-divided into 15 lots. According to http://movielanddirectory.com/tour-location.cfm?location=8775 the original address and gates were at 1225 Benedict Canyon. I’m nether a property nor Lloyd expert, but this may help explain things a little.


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