Lombard’s Body Recovered From Crash

Jan. 19, 1942, Carole Lombard

Jan. 19, 1942, Comics

Jan. 19, 1942: The Times’ Gene Sherman reports from the scene of the crash that killed Carole Lombard and 21 others:

“The totally demolished luxurious Douglas DC-3 Skyclub presented a grim, sorrowful picture on its rocky resting place. Wreckage was scattered in a radius of 500 yards and some of the victims were strewn around the waist-high snow. Bits of the plane, personal effects of the passengers, including handkerchiefs, overcoats and other apparel, were strung from the branches of stunted pine trees like macabre Christmas ornaments.

The two motors of the plane lay 50 feet apart, both to the left of the debris. Both wings had been sheared off. The tail assembly had been cracked off the fuselage, leaving the twisted, blackened cabin at the foot of a V-shaped crevasse.”

“Suspicion” starts tomorrow at the Pantages in Hollywood and RKO Hill Street.

Jimmie Fidler says:
How many photographs have you seen of Irene Dunne with her knees crossed?Jan. 19, 1942, Carole Lombard
Jan. 19, 1942, Carole Lombard

Jan. 19, 1942, Suspicion

Jan. 19, 1942, Jimmie Fidler

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  1. Eve says:

    Identified her by her hair “and the general contours of her face. . .”

    * shudder *


  2. Just saw this on Ghost Adventures last night. Horrible.


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