Japanese Americans Held After ‘Hissing Roosevelt’ in Theater

Jan. 3, 1942, Manila Falls!

Jan. 3, 1942, Comics
Jan. 3, 1942: Manila falls to the Japanese.

“The Bare Facts of 1942” opens at the Aztec, 251 S. Main.

Movie theater patrons Tombio Ambo and Shigeki Kayama are in custody after Winifred J. Stephens accused them of hissing a newsreel of President Roosevelt and applauding scenes of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Stephens told police that when she turned to talk to the young men, one of them spit at her.

Tom Treanor looks at how the loss of automobiles will affect daily life — the government had just announced that no new cars would be made “for the duration” so auto plants could be converted to defense production. The Times also reported that private automobiles might be nationalized to meet war demands.

Treanor also writes that he angered readers when he said Los Angeles’ streetcar service had improved. (Streetcar fans, please note).

Jimmie Fidler says: Pic of the week: Universal’s “Hellzapoppin’ ” (Olsen and Johnson -Martha Raye.) Madhouse jitters that’ll have your side apoppin’

Jan. 3, 1942, Bare Facts o

Jan. 3, 1942, Hissing Roosevelt

Jan. 3, 1942, Hissing Roosevelt

Jan. 3, 1942, Tom Treanor

Jan. 3, 1942, Air Raid Shelter

Jan. 3, 1942, Jimmie Fidler

Jan. 3, 1942, Jimmie Fidler

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3 Responses to Japanese Americans Held After ‘Hissing Roosevelt’ in Theater

  1. Benito says:

    Hellzapoppin’ is a wacky comedy about filming a wacky comedy. This cult classic is finally available on dvd after a lengthy rights dispute.


  2. “Laugh-in”, almost thirty years in the future, was a direct steal of Olson & Johnson’s vision… ‘George the Grip’ and ‘a worker’ expressed how unimportant the non-stars were to even caption writers. How odd that seems.


  3. dorfgog says:

    There is a Tomio K. Ambo, age 89, living in Beverly Hills. It would be fascinating to contact him and find out what actually happened.


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