Advice for Aspiring Screenwriters

"How to Write Photo-Plays"
“How to Write Photo-Plays” by Clarence J. Caine has been listed on EBay and describes the art of writing silent films as it was in 1915. (Hint: Do not make your scenarios too realistic. ) The book also includes a sample script of the one-reeler “If I Were Young Again,” a lost film that was produced by Selig-Polyscope. If it weren’t an ex-lib copy with loose boards (obviously a popular book), I would add it to the Daily Mirror archives. Bidding starts at $14.99. It’s also in local libraries.

How to Write Photo-Plays

How to Write Photo-Plays

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  1. Surprising that by 1915, when the ilm industry was just beginning to sense its power, a cottage industry of profiting from Hollywood wannabes was already testing the waters. Wow!


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