Buddy Rogers Denies Rift With Mary Pickford

Oct 12, 1941, Buddy Rogers and Mary Pickford

Oct. 12, 1941, Comics

Oct. 12, 1941: Tom Treanor writes about the era when mourners could board a special funeral car that also carried the casket to the cemetery. C.V. Means, general traffic agent of the Los Angeles Railway, says that anyone can still hire a streetcar at $16.50 ($241.60 USD 2010) for three hours.

Jimmie Fidler muses on the quick demise of John Murray Anderson’s Silver Screen Revue, a new production at the Wilshire Bowl that featured the previous generation of Hollywood stars celebrating the 35th anniversary of motion pictures.  The show featured Betty Compson, Clara Kimball Young, Chester Conklin and Snub Pollard.

Hollywood’s reigning headliners “stayed away because the sight of those once-great stars, now fallen into obscurity, made them uncomfortably aware of their own hazardous positions,” Fidler says.

Oct. 12, 1941, Tom Treanor

Sept. 7, 1941, Silver Screen Revue

Sept. 11, 1941, Silver Screen Revue


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4 Responses to Buddy Rogers Denies Rift With Mary Pickford

  1. CatM says:

    The description of those war toys makes me long for the 1942 Sears catalog, so I can look them all up. Unfortunately, I always find something I want to buy as well. Too bad they’re long, long gone.


  2. Mary Mallory says:

    Are there any photos of the Silver Screen Theatre? Could you show us its street view?


  3. RJ says:

    Was just discussing the Slapsy Maxie’s story on another board. Slapsy Maxie’s was first at Beverly Blvd before moving over to the Wilshire Bowl. It was first kind of a blue building with cartoon lettering of “Slapsy Maxie’s” overhead. Then it was remodeled towards the end of the war and took on a more art deco appearance. Martin & Lewis made their first West Coast appearance there and Hal Wallis saw them there and the rest is history.


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