Coming Attractions: ‘Spencer Tracy: A Biography’

Spencer Tracy Cover

The Daily Mirror HQ just acquired “Spencer Tracy: A Biography,” by James Curtis, who recently shared his Dick Lane interview in L.A. Voices. The book isn’t officially out yet, but James did a prerelease book signing last week in conjunction with a showing of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “Adam’s Rib” and a personal appearance by Katharine Houghton, who appeared in “Guess Who” with her aunt, Katharine Hepburn.

It’s a lengthy book (878 pages, plus notes, chronologies of Tracy’s stage and film appearances, end notes, a selected bibliography and index that rounds it up to 1,001 pages) so we’re not too far along. But we like what we have seen. The acknowledgements, in which James notes the difficulty of dispelling so many deeply embedded Tracy myths and reveals something of his original research, are worth reading just for themselves.

“Spencer Tracy” lists at $39.95 and it is being heavily discounted by Amazon. We paid full price because we like to support our local book dealers. Of course, there’s always the public library!

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2 Responses to Coming Attractions: ‘Spencer Tracy: A Biography’

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Not only is it great to support local bookstores by paying full price, but that also guarantees that authors get the full royalty, rather than a discounted one off the discounted price. That can be especially important, particularly if an organization is getting any profit.


  2. Pamela Porter says:

    Putting it on my Christmas request list now!


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