Found on EBay – Selig-Polyscope Projector

Selig Polyscope Projector

This early Selig-Polyscope 35-millimeter movie projector has been listed on EBay. Imagine cranking an early – flammable nitrate – film through this apparatus. It’s no wonder that early projection booths were encased in steel in the event of a fire. Bidding on this projector starts at $5,000. As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be evaluated thoroughly before submitting a bid.

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3 Responses to Found on EBay – Selig-Polyscope Projector

  1. From a machine so simple, so many dreams poured forth. There’s something about light pouring through celluloid that is still pure magic.


  2. Mary Mallory says:

    For the last two years, Joe Rinaudo has projected silent films at Academy events using his 1909 hand cranked projector. I believe he will also be projecting the films of 1911 that the Academy will host in early November. It’s fun to watch, and to see and hear the films come out of it.


  3. Prior to covering the Occupy Pasadena protests today I happened to take a few shots of an old movie projector & spot light from the now defunct Raymond Theatre.


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