Location Sleuth: ‘Crime Wave’

"Crime Wave"


Back in 2008, Scott of Tropico Station decided to revisit Glendale locations used in “Crime Wave.” Voila!

Photo 1: “Crime Wave.”

Photo 2: San Fernando road looking north. Credit: Tropico Station.

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9 Responses to Location Sleuth: ‘Crime Wave’

  1. frank martin says:

    What is in the white building in the middle of the frame? The one with the “flagpole”? That seems to be the only one that’s the same between the two.


  2. James Curtis says:

    Very interesting post. When I worked in Glendale in 1979-80, I did my banking at the Bank of America branch that figures prominently in the film. I wish someone would have mentioned that the director of “Crime Wave” was Andre de Toth. It’s not common, and I wasn’t able to see it until a special showing sponsored by the American Cinematheque at Raleigh Studios. I remember being floored by the economy of its design. Andre was in attendance that night, and afterwards I said to him, “There’s not a wasted frame in it.” He replied: “That’s what Quentin Tarantino said.” It’s a shame it’s not on home video; it’d be an ideal release for Warner Archive.


  3. That ’32 roadster hot rod made looks great….


  4. Pamela Porter says:

    I love things like this. There’s another site (damned if I can find a link) that does the same thing with San Francisco locales. Their coverage of “Vertigo” is awesome.


  5. Sam Flowers says:

    I got a Drag Racing ticket on Brand Bl. in 1962, not a soul on the whole street. Except of course the two black and whites hiding behind a restaurant. $310.00 fine or 30 days of traffic school…I took the traffic school. GPD was not easy going like LAPD.


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