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Photo: 130 W. 30th, via Google maps’ street view.


David W. Dunlap, writing in the New York Times’ City Room, tells the story of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah,  sometimes called the “gay synagogue,” which is moving into a building with an Assyrian motif.


Google is helping to fund the restoration of one of the buildings at Bletchley Park, the famous site of World War II code-breaking. The machines built to help crack the German Enigma codes are often viewed as the some of the earliest computers. BBC


Marilyn Manson’s paintings of the Black Dahlia will go on display Nov. 12 as part of the Theatrification event at the Million Dollar Theatre. The event also features David J’s “Black Dahlia” song cycle, written for the film  “The Chanteuse and the Devil’s Muse,” which will be used in a staging that tells the story of Madi/Mady/Mattie/Matty Comfort. Comfort, in case you have forgotten, became part of the confusing myths surrounding the Black Dahlia case because she was photographed by Dr. George “Evil Genius” Hodel. Hodel, at least according to his son’s book franchise, supposedly committed every unsolved killing in Los Angeles for decades, plus the Zodiac murders, designed the Edsel and discovered Milli Vanilli.

The L.A. Daily Mirror and L.A. Crime Beat gathered from Twitter feeds and prepared to the most exacting specifications by the bots at paper.li.


John Wilcock profiles Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, publisher of thousands of little books, including several articles on Los Angeles and California by Louis Adamic.


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers an international tracing service for survivors and their families to search World War II Nazi archives.


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One Response to #architecture, #art, #black dahlia, #history, #religion, 8|9|2011

  1. eve says:

    Not only that! Dr. George Hodel fiddled with Amelia Earhart’s plane!
    He broke up Doug and Mary!
    He locked Thelma Todd in her garage!
    He brought Virginia Rappe to Fatty Arbuckle’s party!


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