Commemorative Flight Canceled After Replica Plane Crashes

Glenn Curtiss seaplane
Glenn Curtiss lands after a flight in his seaplane in an undated photo.

July 14, 1911:
Crowds see Glenn Curtiss’ demonstration of his seaplane at Winona Lake, as shown in the Warsaw Indiana Daily Union. The artist seems to have given the airplane wheels – oops.

A flight marking a centennial in Navy aviation has been canceled after a replica of Glenn Curtiss’ 1911 A-1 Triad crashed on a test flight Friday, officials said.

Retired airline pilot Kevin House, who was unhurt when the replica crashed, told the Associated Press: These things are tricky to fly.” AP via Washington Post

There’s no word yet on how much damage was done to the aircraft, which was built by volunteers at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.

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  1. Celsius1414 says:

    That appears to be a time-traveling Kurt Vonnegut piloting the plane in the illustration — I guess he really did become unstuck in time! 😉


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