Lost and Found: Patek Philippe

Last Thursday’s New York Times had a terrific story by Austin Considine about Charles B. Woehrle, who received a Patek Philippe watch while imprisoned at Stalag Luft III (he ordered the watch and promised to pay for it after the war). A burglar stole the watch in the mid-1970s, but thanks a niece, the company recently gave him a replacement.

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2 Responses to Lost and Found: Patek Philippe

  1. Pamela Porter says:

    Man – no one writes a business letter like that today. And I’d bet the farm you didn’t have to “press 1 to speak to an associate” either.


  2. Eve says:

    Wasn’t that heartwarming? Between that and the Times story about all the Phil Campbells showing up to help that town called Phil Campbell, my heart is in serious danger of thawing out.


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