From the Galleries: Soviet Film Posters

Seventh Heaven Friday’s New York Times has a brief article on an exhibit of Soviet film posters at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery on West 26th Street in Chelsea.

According to the New York Times, the posters were collected by Susan Pack, a graphics historian and the author of “Film Posters of the Russian Avant-Garde,” who sold them two years ago.

The unidentified buyer is displaying them in the gallery in an exhibit titled “Revolutionary Film Posters: Aesthetic Experiments of Russian Constructivism, 1920-1933.”

The Times says that none of the posters on display is for sale, but that the owner is selling some duplicates for $8,000 to $200,000.

The gallery has more than 100 images of the posters on its website and they are stunning. It’s particularly interesting to see foreign interpretations of Hollywood, such as this poster for what appears to be Harold Lloyd’s “Safety Last” but is translated by the gallery as “Seventh Heaven.”

The exhibit ends July 30.

Photo: “Seventh Heaven” Credit: Tony Shafrazi Gallery

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4 Responses to From the Galleries: Soviet Film Posters

  1. What a fascinating cultural transliteration. Even the architecture is in the Soviet style. Lloyd, should have been amused to see the implication that he was a Red Everyman. Quite literally.


  2. eve says:

    Well, that is just TERRIFYING. Harold Lloyd hanging off a huge blood-red Harold Lloyd face, while apparently trying to wrench its all-seeing eyeball out . . . real nightmare fodder.


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    I have a Russian postcard of Norma Talmadge. The only way I can tell it’s her is from the photo, obviously not from the words.


  4. Gary Martin says:

    I was going to NYC last week to see some galleries in Chelsea and after reading this I included it, I have posted my notes on my blog, Art Ongoing which you can access with the link if you are interested. Best …


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