‘Hunchback Killer’ Arrested, June 8, 1941

June 8, 1941: For some time, I have been coming across stories about Alfred Horace Wells in going through the 1941 clips — “hunchback killer” is not a nickname that’s easy to forget. But I haven’t done anything on him until now because the story is strange and complicated. Here’s a hint: It was so lurid that during Wells’ trial, the courtroom was cleared of minors because it involved what The Times demurely described as “an unnatural relationship.” It’s not quite in Ma Duncan territory, but what is?Jimmie Fidler says: If you are posted on Hollywood doings, you know that every studio is now staging an intense, high-pressure production drive…. Why all this rush? … It looks to me as if the studios are concentrating production now with the intention of shutting down for three or four months next fall.

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2 Responses to ‘Hunchback Killer’ Arrested, June 8, 1941

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Hobo jungle. Like that term. There’s always been strangeness around, but it wasn’t always talked about.


  2. benito says:

    Justice was swift back then. Alfred Wells killed 3 people in 1941 and was executed in 1942.


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