Senator Demands Probe of Lewd ‘Soundies’

  Oct. 21, 1941, Soundies  

July 2, 1941: Sam Coslow announces a deal with Mills Novelty Co. to produce 208 "soundies"  and plans to make 20 of them in the next month, directed by Josef Berne. The acts include Gale Page, Martha Tilton, Cliff Nazarro, Buddy Rogers and his orchestra, Mary Healy, the King's Men, Benny Rubin, Johnny Downs and the Duncan Sisters, The Times says.

Oct. 21, 1941: Sen. Burton K. Wheeler (D-Mont.) denounces soundies, saying that some of the films are "lewd and lascivious."

"I hope these pictures are not going to be shown in the camps to the soldier boys," Wheeler said. "Many of these young boys are now being subject to enough temptations in some of these camps as it is."



  July 2, 1941, Soundies  

  Oct. 21, 1941, Soundies  

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4 Responses to Senator Demands Probe of Lewd ‘Soundies’

  1. fibber mcgee says:

    Lewd Soundies? Where can I get some of those? Actually, I find it hard to believe that sweet “Liltin’ Martha Tilton” or Buddy Rogers would have anything to do with lewd stuff.


  2. Mary mallory says:

    I guess he had never seen a soundie, as basically it was just film of a music performance. I’ve seen all types: country, big band, jazz, traditional, odd acts. We even have a soundies photo collection at the library.


  3. Sam Flowers says:

    YouTube has “soundies”, just enter subject SOUNDIES. I must have missed the lewd ones, I will look again.


  4. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Benny Rubin doing the wild thing would be worth the price of admission.


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