Jim Murray, June 5, 1961

  June 5, 1961, Day in Sports  

  June 5, 1961, Jim Murray  

June 5, 1961: It is always a source of wonder to me that a sport as savage and cruel as prizefighting doesn't brutalize its practitioners. Yet, it doesn't. A ballplayer after losing a game is a snarling, cursing, tantrum-throwing terror. Football players smash fists into lockers. But a fighter weeps.


  June 5, 1961, Jim Murray  

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1 Response to Jim Murray, June 5, 1961

  1. Chris Morales says:

    Thank you Larry, for posting these Jim Murray columns.
    I find it amazing that such masterful writing was devoted to a column, written for one day’s consumption.
    Of course, Jim Murray’s writing is timeless and no less impactful fifty years after the fact.
    The reader need not know anything about the world of boxing, or the fighters involved to have been given such a rare and heartfelt look at the very human fraility of the people who make their living in the most brutal of all sports.


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