Jim Murray, May 14, 1961


  May 14, 1961, KFI  


  May 14, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 14, 1961: Rinold George Duren, is the victim — or the beneficiary, if you want to look at it that way — of the most monumental case of nearsightedness in the annals of sport, if not in the annals of optometry. The movies' Mr. Magoo, who frequently confuses the Sahara Desert with Malibu Beach or a lion with a housecat, is a hawkeye by comparison.


  May 14, 1961, Jim Murray  

  May 14, 1961, Jim Murray  

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1 Response to Jim Murray, May 14, 1961

  1. Native Angeleno says:

    That KFI Dodgers ad reminded me when the Dodgers could be heard over KFI’s 50,000 watts almost to Yellowstone, en route on summer vacations, where the family would listen to the games in the car. The Dodgers’ following everywhere we went was amazing. They were a great team then with a lot less competition, so made a huge footprint. To this day, long after they shrunk to the puny reach of KABC in the early ’70s, I see more LA blue caps when traveling throughout the southwest and mountain northwest than i see any other cap, save possibly for the Yankees’ NY.
    I’m told the blue LA cap is the gang cap of choice, worn by young people who may not give a toot about the Dodgers, but that is for a younger person to discern and relate.


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