Paul Coates, March 30, 1961

  March 30, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 30, 1961: I had a terrible time scanning Paul Coates’ column for today, which is on the jump but barely legible. The ones in April are better.


  March 30, 1961, Paul Coates  


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2 Responses to Paul Coates, March 30, 1961

  1. Ronald Emmis says:

    You should have posted a little something more about the Peel verdict in the murders of Judge Chillingsworth and his wife. Although the case remains unsolved (they were murdered in 1955), we pretty much know the story.
    You should concentrate on true crime murders in the LA area. They are fascinating to read, especially the really old ones.


  2. lrh says:

    @Ronald Emmis
    So many stories, only one Larry Harnisch.


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