Matt Weinstock, March 30, 1961

  March 30, 1961, Comics  

March 30, 1961: The Scottish Daily Express quotes Caltech seismologist Hugo Benioff (d. 1968) as saying that a devastating earthquake is set to hit Los Angeles.  The reporter apparently misquoted or distorted what Benioff said, according to Matt Weinstock, who adds: The old Caltech lullaby remains unchanged: "All we know about earthquakes is that the farther we are from the last one the closer we are to the next one."
CONFIDENTIAL TO WORRIED STUDENT: See a physician at once. Doctors have had a great deal of experience in situations such as these and can be trusted to respect confidences.


  March 30, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  March 30, 1961, Abby  

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