Matt Weinstock, March 22, 1961


  March 22, 1961, Comics  

In the highly advanced future, people will still use file cabinets!

March 22, 1961: Are truck drivers really articulate? Matt Weinstock thinks one fellow is …  and a woman calling the Philharmonic for tickets doesn’t know much about music but she knows what she wants to hear: Roger and Wagner.

CONFIDENTIAL TO "VERY MUCH AFRAID": There is nothing to fear. Had your friend been even slightly infectious, she would not have been discharged from the TB hospital. Therefore, it is far safer to associate with her than someone who has never had a chest X-ray … and could be one of the estimated 100,000 Americans walking around with active TB and doesn't know it.


  March 22, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  March 22, 1961, Abby  

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