Teena Marie, 1956 — 2010: ‘I wish I was colorless’

  Oct. 19, 1980, Teena Marie

  Oct. 19, 1980, Teena Marie  

Oct. 19, 1980: Some people refuse to believe that Teena Marie is white, Dennis Hunt writes. "I tell them I'm white but they think I'm black and I'm trying to pass for white…. This is white skin. I'm not trying to fool anybody."

She also said: "I'm a different kind of person. Blacks and whites don't really react in any special way to me. I don't get anything negative from blacks and not really anything negative from whites now. But I will say it was different before I started getting some popularity. I don't think it was prejudice from whites as much as ignorance of something they didn't know much about. You know, I wish I was colorless sometimes."


  Oct. 19, 1980, Teena Marie

  Oct. 19, 1980, Teena Marie

  Oct. 19, 1980, Teena Marie  

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4 Responses to Teena Marie, 1956 — 2010: ‘I wish I was colorless’

  1. Ronald Emmis says:

    Yikes! She died? Of what? Couldn’t you have posted her obit with this column?
    I was shocked when I read this. I thought her song stunk (pretty heartless to say NOW), but to hear that she died at just 54 is definitely sad.


  2. Cindy says:

    Ronald, Lovergirl was her only pop hit and seemingly the only song mainstream music lovers know her for. However, she had a vast catalog of music that was absolutely superb. Portugese Lover, Dear Lover, Miracles Need Wings To Fly, Fire & Desire, Ooh La La La,You Make Love Like Springtime and the list goes on and on and on. I hope that people will check out more of her music. She was an incredible artist. RIP Teena.


  3. Debbie says:

    One of the greatest musical talents and voices of a generation. Teena shaped the lives so many young women of color — biracial, black, latino, it didn’t matter. The soul of her lyrics and her vocal ability resonated with a generation of women still finding their way in the world. I loved Teena, and was consumed by her poetic imagery of songs like Portugese Love… “where the ocean kissed the southern shores” and Cassonova Brown’s mix of tempo and prose. RIP Teena Marie. You were one of a kind, and if anyone could achieve being “colorless”, it was you who touched our souls through your music.


  4. Sinply Sugah says:

    @Donald Emmis we all have our taste in music i can respect that I personally have to disagree she was and is one of the best female singers i have always thought this and always will there is no changing my mind sorry!!!I didnt care what color Teena was i have been a fan for over 30 years and im 39 I was in complete shock when i found out and im still in complete shock. Even though i didnt know her my love for her was genuine so much that i had friends and family consoling me when they found out she passed. I just went to the LA County Fair and seen her in concert this past summer. She was awesome! She just released her last Album Congo Square very very good album. Her one and only daughter Alia Rose’s 19th birthday was Christmas she twitted to all her follower’s (me included) how she was blessed to have her daughter Alia Rose and thanking GOD for her. The next day after she passed away. RIP TEENA MARIE I will forever be a true fan


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