On Line 1: Dodger Players


  Nov. 10, 1960, Drysdale  


Nov. 10, 1960: Hello, this is Don Drysdale calling about Dodger tickets. Really.

The Dodgers announced that Drysdale and three other players would call fans seeking ticket buyers for their new ballpark coming in Chavez Ravine. What a simple, and smart, idea. And it's so hard to imagine anything close to that happening today.

— Keith Thursby

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1 Response to On Line 1: Dodger Players

  1. Chris Morales says:

    Keith, I agree; no agent would let that happen to his player/client today. Not without major compensation.
    In his book “Summer of 49”, David Halberstam tells of Yogi Berra referring a lawyer freind to a drawer full of wrist watches. Asked how he obtained them, Yogi replied that everytime the team asked him to make a public appearance, he’d receive a watch. His lawyer friend told him “Next time they ask you to go somewhere, refer them to me…”


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