Kennedy Demolishes Axiom on Catholics and the White House


  Nov. 10, 1960, Comics  

Nov. 10, 1960: A Times editorial has some tips for incoming President John F. Kennedy — he of the “terrifying campaign promises” — on how to run the nation.

"Now we hope — we must hope — that the frowning mountain of responsibility will compel him to postpone the fulfillment of those promises until he has attended to the security of the United States and, as a corollary of our own security, that of the non-Communist world." The editorial is unsigned but I would guess it’s by Richard Nixon flag-waver Kyle Palmer, who often contributed to the editorial page in addition to covering politics.

And on the jump,  a UPI story examines the role of Kennedy’s Catholicism in the election.


  Nov. 10, 1960, Kennedy and Catholicism  
  Nov. 10, 1960, Editorial  

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1 Response to Kennedy Demolishes Axiom on Catholics and the White House

  1. Native Angeleno says:

    The Times’ editorialist Palmer assuredly did not appreciate that Kennedy stood up to the generals Plamer deified in his rightwing circles by refusing to allow the Pentagon to foment war against Communist Russia, first by throwing Operation North Woods back in their faces—the militarists’ plan to hijack planes, crash them and blame it on the Communists—and second, by refusing multiple times to attack Cuba and start WW3 during the Missile Crisis. It should not surprise that today the US and NATO are again risking nuclear war by surrounding Russia with offensive bases along its western front, the Warsaw Pact buffer having long been dismantled in an act of faith.
    That the current situation is occurring 50 years after Kennedy saved the country and the world from the Pentagon is direct result of the military’s involvement with his murder. He had gone too far, dismissing their complaint that an above-ground test ban treaty was inimical to freedom.
    Palmer’s concern Kennedy not “continue” to destabilize the dollar also screams at us across the five decades past. Kennedy was disgusted by the theft of American assets by the Federal Reserve, the private for-profit consortium of banks, some foreign, which charged the Treasury aka the American taxpayer for printing our money for us, and that the Fed had never been audited, nor taxed as if a religion. So in 1963 he had the Treasury issue $1 billion $1 federal silver certificates not imprinted or approved by the Fed. Within months he was dead and Lyndon Johnson had the non-Fed dollars quietly taken out of circulation.
    The irony now is that thanks to the retraction of his attempts to actually bring greater financial freedom to Americans, the nation is on the verge of seeing the Fed, still in charge, still untaxed, still unaudited, inflate the dollar to the point we could soon become the 21st century version of the Weimar Republic. This is what happens when the choice made by Americans in free elections is perverted by the treasonous murder of that choice by the government he was striving to reform, and take it off its muderous and ultimately anti-American path.
    Palmer, the 1950s version of Fox News, won.


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