Matt Weinstock, Aug. 8, 1960

Aug. 8, 1960, Comics

Aug. 8, 1960: Morse telegraphers were used in covering the Democratic National Convention and sent stories faster than some wire services, Matt Weinstock says.

CONFIDENTIAL TO DON'S DARLING: You can be saved by the bell — the wedding bell — if you hurry, Abby says.

Aug. 8, 1960, Weinstock

Aug. 8, 1960, Abby

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  1. fibber mcgee says:

    How powerful is Caltechium? It’s so powerful even Osama Bin Laden is afraid of it. He fears we’ll sprinkle bits of it around his cave and he’ll get an irrational urge to not only do a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, but also star in a movie with Sandra Bullock. It’s brutal stuff.


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