Nixon, Rockefeller OK Platform in Secret Talk – Goldwater Furious!

Los Angeles Times file photo

July 24, 1960: Young Republican members Lloyd LeMere of Oak Park, Ill., and Chris Economos of Berwyn set up a sign painting shop at the convention center in Chicago.


July 24, 1960: Vice President Richard Nixon and New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller meet to draft a platform for the presidential campaign – and Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater calls it a “Munich” for the Republican Party. Goldwater accuses Nixon of selling out on every point that separated him from Rockefeller, whom Goldwater describes as the "leader of the Republican left."

The Nixon-Rockefeller platform says, in part: Our program for civil rights must assure aggressive action to remove the remaining vestiges of segregation or discrimination in all areas of national life — voting and housing, schools and jobs. It will express support for the objectives of the sit-in demonstrators and will commend the action of those businessmen who have abandoned the practice of refusing to serve food at their lunch counters to their Negro customers and will urge all others to follow their example.

“Our program for health insurance for the aged shall provide insurance on a sound financial basis through a contributory system under which beneficiaries have the option of purchasing private health insurance.”

On the jump, pieces by Kyle Palmer, James Reston, Goldwater and Rockefeller’s text of the platform.

July 24, 1960, Times Cover

July 24, 1960, Nixon Rockefeller

July 24, 1960, Rockefeller

July 24, 1960, Kyle Palmer

July 24, 1960, James Reston

July 24, 1960, Reston 

July 24, 1960, Goldwater

July 24, 1960, Goldwater

July 24, 1960, Goldwater

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